History of vedic mathematics:

Vedic Mathematics was rediscovered , around 1918  by Sri Bharathi Krisna Tirthaji maharaj (1884-1960).



At the beginning of the twentieth century, when there was a great interest in the Sanskrit texts in Europe, Sri Bharathi Krisna Tirthaji  tells us some scholars ridiculed certain texts which were headed ‘Ganita Sutras’- which means mathematics. They could find no mathematics in the translation and dismissed the texts as rubbish.



Bharathi Krisna Tirthaji, who was himself a scholar of Sanskrit, Mathematics, H and Philosophy, after deep study and careful investigation he reconstructed the mathematics of the Vedas. According to his research all of mathematics is based on sixteen Sutras, or word-formulae.


Sri Bharathi Krisna Tirthaji  wrote sixteen volumes expounding the Vedic system but these were unaccountably lost VAIDYAand when the loss was confirmed in his final years he wrote a single book: Vedic Mathematics, currently available. It was published in 1965, five years after his death.

Based on this one book there are thousands of new books written by different mathematician all around the world…

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